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Taking Back Control

Being alive today means so much more than getting up and going through the motions. For many of us it's about finding fulfillment and this typically involves juggling family, career, social life, diet, fitness, #selfcare etc...Finding balance often seems impossible and usually winds up at the bottom of the long list of seemingly more pressing tasks but prioritizing your health and wellness ensures that you can take care of everything else in your life to the best of your abilities. If you are looking to take back control and live the balanced life that seems really great but just out of reach we are here to help with that, and that starts by putting YOU first.


  • David from NY

    “Get’s along very well with anybody. Great with SOHO. She is very unpretentious. She may be helping a stockbroker or leader of a bank but she doesn’t judge. She’s very maternal. A kind mother who is gentle and wise. She’s very nice, you screwed up but it’s okay. She’s very specific. Very action oriented. She’ll google the restaurant. Alex is so real and good.”

  • JL

    “Alex is so knowledgeable and she wants you to succeed. She’ll give you tough love if she needs to, she is not just warm and fuzzy the whole time. She really wants to help and she’s not crazy expensive.”

  • Kat

    “As soon as I met Alex, I felt a warm connection, immediately felt so encouraged and supported. She is a straight-talker about what is needed to achieve your health goals, and even if I’d slip or backtrack in the process, she never made me feel ashamed, embarrassed, or ‘In trouble,’ She is as invested as you are- and eager to find ways to get back on track- and perhaps most helpfully, troubleshoot triggering situations with zero judgement.”

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